Commerical Insurance


Do you know if these three key areas are adequately covered?

  • Property coverage
  • Liability
  • Business interruption

Property Coverage

Property coverage is often divided into two parts in a business policy:

Fixed Property (buildings, fixtures, etc.)

Contents (equipment, inventory, etc.)

or it can be a combined single limit.

The ways that your property can be covered are:

“All Risk” or “Specified Peril.”

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage generally protects you from claims that arise
out of harm your business (including employees) cause another.

Key questions:

  • Do you operate off-site?
  • Serve alcoholic beverages at functions?
  • Sell products that could cause harm?
  • Do you or your employees operate personal vehicles at anytime in
    the course of doing business?

Business Interuptions

What happens if your business is shut down? Who will pay the bills?
Will you be able to resume when everything is back to normal?

This coverage is often overlooked.

It shouldn’t be.

Ask us to review what you currently have and we can work with you to
make sure you are adequately protected!

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