5 Reasons to Read An Insurance Blog



Welcome to our new blog! We are happy you’re here, and hope you come back often to check out interesting and helpful insights into the world of insurance. Most people may think a blog about insurance would be a dry subject, to say the least. So what can you expect to see on our blog that might interest you?

5 Reasons to Read Our Insurance Blog

  1. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest important insurance related news. Not boring or hum-drum info, but news that is relevant to you and matters in your day to day life.
  2. We will answer commonly asked questions that are on the minds of people today. Are you wondering about ways to lower your insurance rates? How about navigating the new Healthcare.gov website? We will address these topics and more.
  3. We will occasionally share highlights about the agents here at Tope Insurance. You’ll learn about their years of expertise, what types of insurance they specialize in, and their ties to our community.
  4.  We’ll talk about fun facts, commonly held myths, and the origins of Insurance. Just where and when did “insurance” begin? Do teenage boys really pay more for auto insurance than girls? Does my homeowners policy cover sinkhole damage?
  5. We will share relevant local news and happenings from our community. We are proud of our community here in Christian County, and we will highlight current events, look back on our rich heritage, and more!

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to from our new blog in the future! We hope you’ll join us!

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